Hiking Day with D.’s Family

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Hey there!

D.’s Family, D. and I enjoyed the warm and sunny sunday to go for a hike in Lenk.

Along the Route

First we drove to Solothurn to pick up D.’s parents, his brother and his fiancée, then we went through the picturesque villages to the valley station of the cable car. When we were up at the top station, we had a lovely brunch with lots of fresh fruits, croissants, bread, juices, meat, cheese, coffee, milk etc.

In the Valley

Strengthened by this late breakfast, we started our way upwards… It was rather exhausting, and the trails were rather narrow, and it was steeper than we expected. But still we managed to get to the top. The descent was less exhausting, and then we had a picnic close to the “Simmenfälle”, beautiful waterfalls…


During our picnic with sandwiches and some delicious wine, I started the geocaching-App on my iPhone… And I was lucky! Only about 80 meters from the bench we sat on a traditional geocache (Name: GC14YKM “7 Brunnen” ) was hidden. I told the others about it, and D.’s mother spontaneously decided to join my hunt. We had to cross the water and the GPS signal wasn’t too good, so we had to run up and down a lot until we found the right spot. 🙂 Luckily there was a pen in the cache, because I realized that I forgot my pens at home. But with some luck and the help of D.’s mother I managed to log my 415th “Found it”. 🙂 Before returning to the rest of the family, i made this little video to show you how beautiful this spot really is. Unfortunately I was filming against the sun, which my iPhones camera didn’t like too much. Hope you still like the video.


Barbarabridge Waterfall

See morePicnic-Spot

Picnic Spot

Picnic Spot



Along the Route

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