An Awesome Weekend

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Hi Folks!

Hope you’ve all had a great Weekend so far. Mine was absolutely awesome.

I worked the early shift on friday, and as my boss is a really nice one, he let me run off 15mins earlier so I could catch the train to Bad Ragaz, leaving from Zurich main station 18:12. My mom invited me to do a mother-and-daughter-wellness-night at the Tamina Thermal Spring. It was a wonderful evening. The air was rather chilly, and so we enjoyed the hot tubs outside even more, especially the little waterfall and the whirlpool. Inside the building we found a steam grotto, a really cold bath (17° after  45° C and 100% air humidity in the steam grotto really freaked me out 😀 ). After the cold bath we enjoyed our stay in the 39° C warm water in the next tub… 😀 After that we were given a preheated towel and lay down on the balcony for a little rest. After 20 minutes of chillout, we went back into the water and enjoyed several massage jets. On friday nights, the entrance fee is only 19.- Swiss Franks (compared to 26 Swiss Franks for two hours any other time). You may enter at 19:30 and stay until 22:30. You are required to leave the building until 23:00.

If you want to read more about this beautiful spa place, please visit their homepage:

Image Casino Bad Ragaz

Image Tamina Thermal Spring Bad Ragaz

Yesterday, I helped my best friend P.J. to move into his brand new apartment in Walenstadt SG. It’s a really cozy, comfy 2.5 room apartment with an absolutely beautiful bathroom. I adore this lovely bath tub, so much space to store all your little wellness-goodies and bottle of champagne with glasses, candles and everything. I really envy him for this little peace of paradise. 😀 When we arrived, P.J. couldn’t resist to test this comfort immediately:Image

To keep us awake, P.J. offered us some “hazardously sour candy”… They really lived up to their names… :-S Terrible stuff! =D


The last “thing” we moved was the cage of P.J.’s Degus (and of course the animals). 😀 They were kinda stressed, although we tried to put them in a quiet space while we were emptying the old flat and furnishing the new one. But when we finally introduced them to their new home, they calmed down quickly.


Degu “Fire”


Degu “Ice”


Degus Ice and Fire


Walenstadt is a really beautiful little town. It’s surrounded by picturesque mountains and the Walensee, one of the deepest and therefore coldest lakes in Switzerland. There is also an ancient mine, where P.J. placed an horrific Mystery-Multi-Geocache called “My Bloody Valentine” (*click* to get to the listing of this cache *click*).



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