Sluníčko svítí znovu. (The little sun is shining again)

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Hey Friends,

finally I’m feeling a lot better than when I wrote my last post. Thanks so much for your understanding and your kind words. 

Right now I’m blogging from the “Kafistübli” at the English Seminar of the University of Zurich… I’m having a free period between two seminars, and so I went to the library to get a book I need to read for the Seminar “Journals and Diaries” since I’m having a short presentation about Bertolt Brecht’s Arbeitsjournale (working journals). We are doing this presentation in a group of 3 girls, therefore we also split the journals… I’m reading and preparing the years 1945-1954, so the period right after WWII. I think it’s gonna be quite interesting – and I hope I’m right.. 😀 


The other book I got is called “Volksmärchen” (Folktales) by Jaromír Jech, and I really can’t wait to read it. But I have to be patient, I got it as a treat for finally writing my seminar paper about “Erec”, a medieval Arthuian Romance by Hartmann von Aue. I’m not really into older German literature, but a student of languages and literature has to do what a student of languages and literature has to do.. 😀 So I try to motivate myself by thinking of the lovely titles of the folktales in this Book, such as “Schlauöhrchen” (Smart-Ears) or “Wie ein junger Hund und ein alter Hund Kameraden wurden” (How an old Dog and a young dog became mates) or  “Von einem dummen Ehepaar” (of a stupid couple).  Too bad that the book is German only. I’d preferred to have a book with the german and original czech version… Besides the fact that I’m still a child when it comes to folk- and fairytales, I can’t wait to dive deeper and deeper into Czech literature and culture. Call me crazy, but I’m really fascinated by everything that sounds or look Czech 😀 do you have any favorite folk- or fairytales, dear readers? 

Before I can start with my seminar paper after the seminar, I’m going to Conforama with D.. Conforama is a Swiss furniture store near from where I live. We’re buying a new sofa – and I really can’t wait to get it into our living room. We actually ordered a sofa in January, but we never got it. After several complaints via E-Mail weren’t answered, D. decided to go there in person. Unfortunately he didn’t get to speak to any of the shop’s employees, since the door was closed and there was a sign on the door that the store is closed because of insolvency…. 😦 D. then called the bankruptcy office to tell them that the store owes us money or a sofa (we already paid the sofa when we ordered it through the online shop). They told us that they’ll register our claim, but that they don’t see any chance to get our money back… Hard luck. But after almost a year, it seems that I can finally sit on a comfy sofa again to watch television or read books or blog… I’m trying to stay positive. And our new sofa is also quite lovely, I think… It’s gonna be this one:



Bye for now, I have to find the right room for the seminar… Can’t wait until it’s over for today… 😀

Big hugs,
Your Sluníčko

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