Postcrossing Again – Outbox Week 42/2013

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Hey Folks!

Do you know the awesome feeling of opening your letterbox and finding a handwritten, carefully chosen postcard from far, far away inside? I had that feeling almost every day during MONTHS! How I got so lucky to get so many postcards? Well, the secret is called “postcrossing”. is an online community, and it’s all about postcards. You have to register, and every time you want to send a postcard, you’ll be given an address from anyone anywhere on the planet to send a postcard to. At the same moment, your address enters the distributor and somebody else will get it, and so you’ll get a postcard, too! =) At the beginning you can send a maximum 5 cards at the same time, but this number will increase the more cards you send. 🙂 You’ll have to write an ID on the Postcard, so the receiver can register your card as soon as he/she get’s it.  I loved the feeling, but I was missing the energy to write and register the cards for some months, but now I’m back on track… And here are the postcards that just left my desk:

Postcrossing-Outbox-18-10-2013And these are their destinations:
(starting top right, going clockwise, ending top left)
1. Finland
2. Malaysia
3. Taiwan
4. China
5. Ukraine
6. Russia
7. Belarus
8. Brazil
9. Poland
10. Hong Kong

I’m really motivated again to send hundreds of postcards and meet hundreds of interesting people via I’ve already sent 185 postcards (without the ten above, they’ll appear in the stats as soon as they are registered) and I enjoy every single one I get. 🙂

View my Postcrossing-Profile:
View my Postcards Wall:


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