Lucky me is traveling to Czech Republic again!

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Hey Folks!


How are you today? I’m reeeaaally tired, it’s been raining almost the whole night, and I had to do the inventory in our XXL store last night.. Came home somewhen past midnight… Not to forget that I just came home from Berlin yesterday afternoon. But well, there’s a reason why my friends call me Battledwarf – sleeping is totally overrated.. 😉

Anyway, there are some really good, awesome, jippie-news! =) I just booked my flight to Czech Republic… 😀 I’m leaving on 12.11.2013 and I’m staying until the 18th of November. I really can’t wait to see “my second family” again. We actually planned to visit the Thermal bath in Karlovy Vary, but I just realized that it is closed during winter 13/14. 😦 Now we agreed on going to the astronomical observatory in Karlovy Vary. V. always told me, that he wants to bring the stars down from the sky for me. I told him, that my apartment is not that big, so that I wouldn’t have room for all of them, now I will choose some from them when we’re at the observatory 😉 

Otherwise we don’t really know what to do in this 6 days yet. But we will spend at least 2-3 days around Karlovy Vary / Sokolov where his family lives… Then maybe go to Brno (his sister and her husband are living close to Brno) for a day or two, and then go back to Prague, since my flight is early monday morning… :-/ I wish I could stay longer, so I could see more of this lovely country, but well, University and work claim their “parts of me”, too. 

Anyway, I would be very grateful for any recommendations what to do and see (and eat?!) during these six days… 😀 

I’m sooo happy that my boss gave me a few days off so I can see “my 2nd family” before christmas again, I could freak out… 😀 

And now: give me all your travel advices! =) 
Thanks in advance!

Hugs & Kisses to all of you,
your super lucky&happy Sluníčko

3 thoughts on “Lucky me is traveling to Czech Republic again!

  1. Hey, it’s great you are coming to the Czech Republic !! I will send you cool bar suggestions and anything else I can think of 🙂

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