Postcrossing Inbox – Week 44/2013

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My received Postcard in week 44/2013:
(starting on top, going clockwise)

NL-2139673 from the Netherlands, traveled 586km in 7 days.

RU-2110673 from Russia, traveled 1’993km in 12 days.

SG-120629 from Singapore, traveled 10’309km in 6 days.

NL-2158097 from the Netherlands, traveled 567km in 3 days.

PL-787693 from Poland, traveled 1’053km in 7 days.

DE-2581273 from Germany, traveled 448km in 7 days.

US-2473538 from the United States of America, traveled 6’741km in 7 days.

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3 thoughts on “Postcrossing Inbox – Week 44/2013

    • Actually the whole thing works with a random distributor of addresses on But I’d love to give you my address – we could become pen pals – I’d really love to! 😀 could you give me your E-Mail address? I could send you my postal address via mail.. (I’m not a fan of publishing my address on the web 😉 ) or send me an E-Mail to, and I’ll send you the answer in my response. Thanks for the idea, I love it! 😀

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