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Hey Guys!

First of all: There are only 4 days, 15 hours and about 40 minutes left until I finally arrive at the Prague Airport! I can’t waiiiit!

Unfortunately, there’s a hell lot of work to do until then… I have to hand in a mini essay (actually only 2 main body paragraphs, about 300 words in total) about “The Immigration Debate in the US” – and I’m stuck again… Writers block… 😦 I realize that there are several problems when it comes to immigration and that there’s an urgent need for a major change. There are people dying out there, desperately trying to get into the USA, mostly because of a lack of drinking water and hyperthermia. If they make it to the US, there’s the next problem: they are illegal. Looking for a job or a place to live, they are completely delivered to exploitation since they might be afraid of the consequences of their illegal residence in the US, and might therefore not seek help by the police or the authorities…. But how to find a straight-forward thesis to this all? I think it’s way too complex to treat this topic in 300 words only… 😦

The next thing that really frustrates me is that I have to hand in my mid-term essay by tomorrow midday… It should be about a 1000 words in length on the topic “The modern-day United Kingdom lacks a new, inclusive sense of Britishness. Do you agree?” I think I am agreeing… Since polls revealed that the number of people calling themselves first and foremost as British is plummeting. People seem to feel stronger bounds towards their more local identity, such as being Englisch, Irish, Scottish or Welsh….  I can back up both paragraphs with statistics and examples… But… Since the structure requires a third main body paragraph, I’m still missing a third topic… But well.. I got a few hours left, and as I already told you, sleeping is totally overrated. At least I have to work the late shift tomorrow, so I will have most of the morning off and will be able to spend some more time on both papers, but still. The sooner I’m done with them, the better….

So if anyone has a 3rd argument or topic or any super-secret-magic-recipe to get rid of my blockade, feel free to share it with me. 😀 I really love the “Language Skills and Culture” module, but I hate those essays I have to write every few weeks… I mean, it’s interesting to learn about issues and culture of the US & the UK, but I’m just not good at writing during my depressive phases… :-/

But there’s a tiny little thing I’m looking forward to: The Battles of “The Voice of Germany” are starting tonight, and me and some friends are doing a “social viewing” on Facebook about it, which is usually quite fun. 🙂 Below are my absolute favorites of the show… Are you watching the battles? 🙂 Who’s your favorite?

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