Postcrossing Inbox – Week 45/2013

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My received postcards in Week 45/2013:
(starting top left, ending bottom right; red ones are favorites)

EE-166102 from Estonia, traveled 1.716km in 9 days.
Areal View of the Town Hall Square of Tallinn.

CA-383858 from Canada, traveled 6.762km in 19 days.
A Black Bear in the Fields Near Ouimet Canyon, East of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

DE-2582604 from Germany, traveled 181km in 18 days.

FI-1913611 from Finland, traveled 1.707km in 8 days.
Bengtskär lighthouse, Finland.

NL-2162895 from the Netherlands, traveled 566km in 8 days.
Cats by Night

PT-328073 from Portugal, traveled 1.567km in 19 days.
Elevadpr da Bica, Lisbon.

DE-2609993 from Germany, traveled 470km in 9 days.
Area of the Academy Mont-Cenis by Night.

US-2487216 from the United States of America, traveled 6.685km in 10 days.
“Greetings from the Amish Country” – Although the tractor has moved in more strongly in areas, it does not seem that it will ever completely displace the horse. Anywhere you look, the Amish are making good use of the horse.

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