In Love With Karlovy Vary

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Howdy Dear Readers!

As you already know, I finally made my way back to Czech Republic last Tuesday. After spending a few days with V. and his family at his home, we went to Karlovy Vary on Friday. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t too sunny and beautiful. Nevertheless I fell in love with this little city again and I want to show you some pictures we took (at least some more than the last time we were there in September, haha).

Karlovy Vary is not only home to mote than 50.000 citizens, but also for the famous herbal bitter “Becherovka”, which is produced by the Jan Becher company. I liked this bitter since my first sip several years ago, but until September I wasn’t aware that it was produced in CZ. 😀 Of course we couldn’t leave Becherplatz without a nice guy taking a picture of V. & me in front of the XXL-Becherovka-Bottle.


But Karlovy Vary is not only home to and famous for its Becherovka, but also to its delicious wafers called „Karlovarské oplatky“. You can choose from different flavors such hazelnut, chocolate, egg liqueur,… My favorites are Apple-Cinnamon- and Chocolate-Marzipan-Wafers… 😀 In the store on the picture below I hat my oplatky-premiere… 😀 You can get your wafer “to go” or buy full packages to bring home to your friends and families… 😀 It’s definitely worth to go there whenever you like something sweet and typically czech. 🙂

DSC_1034Another typically (and sweet in a different way) thing you can find all over Karlovy Vary is “krtek” the little mole, famous from an animation’s series for children by Zdeněk Miler. I love this cute little mole, and so did my mom when she was a child… 😀 From the last trip I brought her a krtek-pencil and a magnet, and she almost freaked out 😀 This time, I brought her a krtek-calendar, but she won’t get it until Christmas, muahaha 😀

DSC_1061In this Restaurant in a crossroad of the pedestrian area I tried my very first “svíčková” and I absolutely loved it! 😀

I think I found a very good recipe for svíčková here: (it’s in German, but I think you can cope with that 😀 )
DSC_1043During spring, summer and part of autumn, there’s always the date displayed using flowers in the picture below. But I guess it was to cold this time, so the “flower-display” was empty… But next time, I promise, there will be a picture with the flower-date 😀

DSC_1065Me at the colonnades in Karlovy Vary… 🙂 Picture taken by V. 🙂

DSC_1089A market stall full of cups to try the waters from the different fountains in Karlovy Vary.. 🙂

DSC_1092Lovely architecture in the pedestrian area / colonnades of Karlovy Vary… 🙂

DSC_1109One of the 15 healing fountains in Karlovy Vary. The taste of the water is quite awful (at least for me it was) but people say that it is sooo healthy because it’s full of Iron and other important minerals…

DSC_1111The biggest of the fountains in Karlovy Vary…. 🙂

DSC_1131What I liked most about Karlovy Vary besides the oplatky were the colorful houses and the lovely architecture of the town… 🙂


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