Geocaching around the Hallwilersee, Switzerland

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Hey folks,

Today I want to show you where I’ve been this sunday. We first wanted to complete the “Emmenuferweg”-trail in Entlebuch (canton Lucerne), but since there was so much snow and the trail is very close to the river “Emme”, we thought we wouldn’t find any of the caches anyway. So we had to work out a Plan B very quickly. Our choice fell on the geocaching-trail around the lake of Hallwil.


My geocaching-friend Diane picked my up at my place around 10:30 a.m., so I didn’t have to buy a ticket for the train – and it’s far more quickly to go there by car. And we had the possibility to chat a bit on our way there. She’s been to Morocco with her sister recently – what an adventure! 🙂 Image

V. texted me via Skype and asked us to take some pictures of myself (he loved geocaching with me while he was in Switzerland, and he’s missing those times like crazy – me too, of course), so here they are… 😀

ImageIn Hallwil, there is a lovely castle set on the lake. It was my highlight of our tour, in some ways… 🙂 Of course we took another picture for V…. 🙂


*smile* I wouldn’t mind taking this castle for my residence at all… 😀 I always loved all kinds of castles, and I always loved being close to lakes or rivers… Perfect match, what do you think? Image

The tour around the lake wasn’t as great as we hoped. There were only few caches, located in at least 700m of distance.. The cold and rainy weather didn’t help at all. There was one cache in the series that we couldn’t find because we couldn’t access the area where it was hidden, since there were fences all around, with closed gates and prohibition signs. 😦 I hate stuff like that, and so our mood went down… DSCN1438

Short after we left the castle, we found this stilt house next to the lake. It’s open, so people can go in and “feel” how the lake-dwelling folks lived.DSCN1449


After visiting the stilt house, we found this geocache-guard next to the trail. V. told me, that squirrel means  veverka in Czech. Learned something new, yee-haw…. 🙂 Image

Is this a travelbug, lost in the deep dark forest? 😀 However, suddenly, the darkness fell over the lakeside… we still fought our way through the dark forest, luckily Diane had her headlamp with her – I didn’t. So I tried to follow her more or less blindly…

We found about 14 geocaches that day, and we couldn’t find 4 boxes… The tour was okay, but nothing we would recommend to any geocaching-tourists, there are far more beautiful trails here in Switzerland… 🙂 But at least we went outside and got some fresh air… I’m always grateful when my friends get me out of my place, especially in the cold and dark season, since I have a tendency to fall into depressions as soon as I’m not busy anymore… -.-  And I like the squirrel-picture a lot … 😀

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