Family Trip to Mariánské Lázně

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Hey Folks,

welcome to the next pictures from my last trip to my second home in Czech Republic. Since V.’s dad is working terribly much, I was happy when he told me that he would like to make a family trip to Mariánské Lázně with us. Tato, Maminka a já

First we had a short break at the barracks of Mariánské Lázně, as V. wanted to show me where he had his military education. Then we went for a walk and some pictures in a lovely park, where the picture above with Tato & Maminka was taken, and also the one below. It was quite cold, so there weren’t too many other people strolling through the park – but still, I enjoyed every second of it. 🙂


After the walk in the park we went to the centre of the town, where we went wherever our legs took us to. 🙂 I love exploring the world around me without a plan where to go, and I love exploring them even more when I’m with people I love.


Although the day was windy and cold, I wished it would have lasted forever. The mermaid above can be found next to a park, where you can also find several sculptures of different sculptors. I love how people put so much love in every detail – look at the dreamy expression in the mermaids face…


Like in Karlovy Vary, the houses in Mariánské Lázně are very colorful. I like that. Although I like the city of Zurich a lot, it seems to be grey and heartless at times, compared with the cities, towns and villages I got to see in Czech Republic… But maybe it’s just because I fell in love with the Czech Republic and therefore I see everything through rose-tinted spectacles as soon as I’m there… 😀


Of course we went to buy some postcards in the centre of Mariánské Lázně, but there was so much to see and do that they are still lying on my desk here in Zurich, with Czech stamps and only partly written. Shame on me… But I guess my friends and family will still enjoy them… 😀


As we haven’t had too much to eat yet, I invited the family to some Haselnut-Wafers.. I love them so much… 😀

DSC_1294Munch – Munch… I miss the Czech wafers… sooo delicious and sweet…

DSC_1286At the colonnades of Mariánské Lázně I learned, that it would bring luck if you throw a coin down to the fountain… So I gave my family some Swiss coins, hoping that, whoever will distribute luck to those who throw a coin, will be curious about the foreign coins and serve ourselves first, haha 😀 We all made a wish, and I’m wondering whether it works… 😀 I will let you know whenever my wish came true – unfortunately, the wish has to be kept “tajné” (secret in Czech), as Maminka told me…




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