Postcrossing Inbox Week 49/2013

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CZ-370195-CCZ-370195 from Czech Republic, traveled577km in 3 days.
These 4 Postcards were sent in an envelope:
1. Křemílek a Vochomůrka
2. Krtek
3. Rumcajs a Cipísek
4. Špejbl, Hurvínek a Mánička


DE-2689255 from Germany, traveled 286km in 3 days.


PL-808009 from Poland, traveled 1,045km in 4 days; shows the beautiful Annisquam lighthouse in USANL-2213869

NL-2213869 from the Netherlands, traveled 563km in 8 days, shows the beautiful lighthouses of Zeeland NL.

DE-2689266DE-2689266 from Germany, traveled 586km in 9 days, shows a painting of the eastern Lighthouse on the Island Sylt.


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