Postcrossing Outbox 1/2014

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I spent the entire Sunday morning yesterday with writing some postcards via and registering the ones I received… 🙂 Those postcards are leaving my desk today…:


Destination Countries, from left –> right, top –> down:

Czech Republic
United Kingdom
United States of America
The Netherlands
South Africa

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2 thoughts on “Postcrossing Outbox 1/2014

  1. No kidding! I sent out 17 postcards today…I haven’t even updated the ‘ol blog yet. Not a great kick off for the New Year exactly :S

  2. Wow, 17 postcards… I’m currently on the limit of 13 postcards traveling at the same time… It already keeps me busy, I guess 😀 But when I arrived at work, I realized that I forgot the postcards on my desk, so they took off a day later… -.- Typically me… 😀

    Well, well, we have about 50 weeks left to rock the new year… 😉 Nevermind… 🙂

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