Another Awesome & Creative Geocache

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On Tuesday, I went to see my Mom right after University classes, as she was celebrating her 50th Birthday the day after. I had to work the late shift on wednesday, so it was the perfect possibility to spend a few hours together and celebrate into her birthday.

Before we treated ourselves with a bottle of Muscat, we wanted to find some geocaches in the region where she lives – and we came across this one… What an awesome idea… It’s part of a cache series called “Memories are made of this”, the cache itself was about the topic “adolescence & puberty”.  🙂  (pimple and pick are both translated with the word “Pickel” in German… :-D)

Caches & hides like this is what’s fun about geocaching… What’s the most awesome geocache you came across in 2014 so far? Feel free to share & link yours for some mutual inspiration! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Another Awesome & Creative Geocache

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