Morocco Trip February 2014 – Day 1

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On our way from Marrakech to Essaouira with my Cousin and his wife

On Saturday evening I took the train to Berne in Order to sleep at my cousins place, as we had to get up and drive to the Geneva airport at 2 a.m. I really am a morning grouch, so I didn’t talk a lot, just moved myself into my cousins car stared out of the window. When we drove on to the feeder road, my cousin suddenly hit the brakes – a stupid deer just crossed the street without paying any attention to the traffic… We didn’t crash, but as my cousin wanted to accelerate again, we didn’t manage to get on more than 80km/h…


Me in front of Essaouira


Fishermen & Harbor – Atmosphere in Essaouira

So we drove off the freeway and stopped on a parking lot… My cousin couldn’t find out what was wrong with the engine, and so we decided to call his son for help… His son arrived 20 minutes later with two of his friends, put our luggage into the back of his car, changed the keys with his dad, so we could get to the airport with his car, whereas he promised to wait for the roadside assistance…


Ships at the Harbor of Essaouira


A ruin on Essaouira’s Small Island

We made it to the airport not a moment too soon. we ran from baggage drop-off to the security check right into the plane.. That was close! But at least it was a calm flight from Geneva to Marrakech, so I could get some sleep until we arrived.


Some more of the lovely harbor-atmosphere… I love this blue color everywhere…

At the Marrakech airport we picked up our Europcar-rental, a Dacia Duster, and started our journey to Essaouira, a lovely city in the West of Morocco on the atlantic coast. I loved the harbor-atmosphere there, with the fishermen selling their products and the cats sleeping in the sun while the pigeons flew around to get some fish.


We spent the night at the “Riad Chakir Mogador” (13. Rue Malek Ben Morhal, Avenue Istiqlal, Essaouira; web: ), a lovely place to sleep, and we paid 50€ for the three of us, one room with a double and two single beds, including breakfast (pancakes, bread, baguette, freshly pressed orange juice, café au lait and for me even a chocolate milk… 😀 ) The personal was very nice, so it’s definitively worth the money I guess… 😀


One of the funny things in Essaouira was, that I had the impression that it is easier to get some space-cakes there than cash… One of those flying space-cake-mongers followed my cousin about 2 hours trying to sell some special cookies to him, while I was trying desperately to get some cash out of a cash dispenser… But as the sky was cloudy, the machines weren’t able to contact their satellites (at least that was what people told us), and my “request was aborted”, as the machine’s screens said… Well, hard luck for me, hopefully I’ll find a working cash machine on our next stop in Taghazout… 😀

6 thoughts on “Morocco Trip February 2014 – Day 1

  1. Wow! I love your writing! You have a very cool cousin by the way. Waiting by the road in the middle of the night. I hope you got him something nice from morocco! I spent time in Marrakech and one of my favorite things there were the morning pancakes. Can’t wait to read about the rest of your trip

    • It wasn’t my cousin but his son with his friends.. I barely know hin, hust saw him for the 3rd time in my life, as family is a bit complicated on my father’s side of relatives, but he really seems nice and cool 😀 the morning pancakes were really good.. And I’m also a fan of couscous 😀

    • Thank you for the compliment, I’m glad you like my pictures 😀

      I don’t really know where that blue and its magic comes from – I actually thought that it has something to do with the Tuareg-Tribes – but wikipedia says…:

      “In 1924 the French artist Jacques Majorelle constructed his largest art work, the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech, Morocco, and painted the garden walls, fountains, features and villa this very intense shade of blue, for which he trademarked the name Majorelle Blue. He had noticed the colour in Moroccan tiles, in Berber burnouses, and around the windows of buildings such as kasbahs and native adobe homes.”

      Well, well.. I guess I’m never going to stop new things while traveling, haha 😀

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