It’s Mid-Term Essay Time Again…

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Hey Folks,

The Semester has already started 4 weeks ago, and now it’s time for starting with the mid-term essays for the “Language Skills and Culture”-module. I didn’t like the topics too much, but well, I had to pick one anyway:

1. It is not in the UK’s interests to leave the European Union. Do you agree?
2. Partisanship is impeding the effectiveness of the American government. Do you agree?
3. It is not in Scotland’s interests to become independent. Do you agree?
4. The cliché that rural America is “conservative” and urban America is “liberal” is not applicable to the modern USA. Do you agree?

Although I liked the last of the topics best – I’m not really into politics – I decided to pick the first one, as I would have to write my in-class essay on the UK if I decided to write on the US now and American issues are somehow more omnipresent in Switzerland than British ones, so I think I would have more “stand-by-knowledge” if I write about the US in class instead of in the midterms.

I’m not quite sure weather the UK is better off out of the EU or not yet… I collected about 20 online newspaper articles which I want to read during lunch break today to get an overwiew… but I’m also very interested in your points of view and your arguments – feel free to share! 😀 I’m grateful for each input. 🙂


One thought on “It’s Mid-Term Essay Time Again…

  1. The uk trades massively with the European Union. To leave the union will complicate its biggest export market. The uk being an island has traditionally stood on its own, often in conflict with Europe. There are deeply ingrained suspicions of Germany and the European project which creates a difficult situation for politicians. It is easier to attract the populist vote by attacking parts of the EU then by highlighting the benefits Europe has given the uk. Ultimately Britain must remain within Europe. To leave would be economic suicide. Discuss ha ha

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