Goodbye July – Hello August

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Sunset when I arrived in Zurich after my holidays in Czech Republic

Sunset when I arrived in Zurich after my holidays in Czech Republic

I have to be honest – I failed again terribly on my pledge to post regularly… But well, I think you get used to it, right? And maybe that’s another step-by-step improvement I’m facing, haha.

Anyway, July went by in a flash, and I enjoyed almost every minute of it. I worked a lot, but I also had some driving lessons with D2.’s Dad and my driving instructor, and it’s getting better and better. D2.’s Dad said, that I am almost ready for driving on the freeway – yippie! Maybe I’ll finish this whole drivers-license-procedure before University starts again. 🙂

Then I traveled again to beautiful Czech Republic for a week, where I met V., his family and some friends I knew from former trips. The weather was awesome, and we spent a lot of time on the lakeside. 🙂 And we also went to Soost, a nature conservancy area with hot tubes, and the last day, we spent in the zoo in Prague. 🙂 But the most beautiful thing was the birth of 5 kittens on my penultimate day at V.’s place. I’ve never seen anything so tiny and cute as those kittens. Unfortunately, 3 of the 5 babies didn’t make it… But still, the two remaining ones develop beautifully. ❤

Furthermore, I completed the Swiss-Monopoly geocaching-series. I first managed to do the Whereigo-Cache in Winterthur with my Mom the last Sunday, and then we completed the series with the Geocaches in Thun, Fribourg and the two in Berne – Yeee-Haw! 😀

Finally, I started into August by saying goodbye to my dear friend Eli, who’s finished her semester abroad and went back home on saturday. I’ll miss her, but I’m sure I’m going to visit her soon! 🙂

And now I will prepare the blogposts about my trips to London, Brighton and the Czech Republic, which I owe you for so long already… Shame on me… 😉

Have a good start into the new week!

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