A Lovely Day of Geocaching & Sightseeing in Prague

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Prague Main Station – View from the first Geocache we found during our Prague-Trip

Geocaching usually is big fun everywhere I go, but it’s always the most beautiful when you share the geocaching-fun with people you love most… It becomes even more special when you’re able to go geocaching in a place that you just came to know a few months ago, but that already feels like home… That’s exactly how I feel about the Czech Republic… I’ve only been to a few places in CZ (Karlovy Vary, Sokolov, Habartov, Mariánské Lázně, Loket, Františkovy Lázně & Praha) and I’m still a beginner when it comes to speaking Czech, I just love this country and its people… 🙂


The Czech National Museum – Národní Muzeum

I had about 486 geocaches found before we started our hunt in Prague – our aim for my CZ-holidays this time was to make my next milestone of 500 found geocaches a Czech one, one that reminds me of a wonderful excursion. In front of the National Museum, we had our first little deception… somewhere in the sculpture near the fountain we had our first “Did Not Find” of the day… But there was some kind of event at the National Museum, the place was very busy and full of security guards, so we decided to leave the place and find some other geocaches.


Ss. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral – Pravoslavný chrám svatých Cyrila a Metoděje

On the walk to one of our caches, we came accross the “Ss. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral”, and V. told me about its historical background… I love strolling through cities and learning about its history from friends who live there…

In 1942, during World War II, the cathedral was the scene of the last stand of a number of Czech and Slovak patriots who, in Operation Anthropoid, had assassinated Reinhard Heydrich, the Nazi SS Obergruppenführer and General of Police. Karl Fischer von Treuenfeld was in command of the troops that stormed the church on 18 June 1942. After a fierce gun battle, they committed suicide to avoid capture. Presently there is a museum in the church crypt dedicated to them as national heroes. (source: wikipedia.org)

As a student back in school, I wasn’t into history and politics at all, but when you get it first or maybe second hand from people who “experienced history” right at the scene, it’s a whole different story. 🙂


V. descending to the river Vltava in order to get me another cache 😀

After a grey, windy and very misty morning, the weather became more and more friendly around midday. I was quite pleased to see the sun again, the grey weather wasn’t really motivating me until now… And I longed to enjoy the view on the Charles Bridge etc., as it was so misty last time that I could hardly see whats 2 meters ahead… 🙂


Love Padlocks on a small pedestrian bridge over a sidearm of the Vltava – so romantic!

DNF’s aren’t always just time wasted, as we walked past those lovelocks on a pedestrian bridge on our way to another cache… I love these – I hope, one day, I’ll hang a lock on there, too… *dreamy*


View from somewhere under the Charles Bridge…

After we found a few more caches, we decided to go for a hot chocolate – chocolate helps against everything, even headaches, I think… 😀 Although the restaurant had written horká čokoláda (hot chocolate) on its menu, I didn’t get one as they ran out of chocolate… hard luck… 😉 But I’m not complicated, so I simply ordered a schnitzel with some fries instead, which kinda irritated the waiter (he might have expected a tea or coffee, haha) but tasted delicious in the end… 😀


View on the Charles Bridge from Mánesův most

We enjoyed walking through the city as the sun was going down on Prague and found some more caches, so we finally made it to 499. We decided that we want to make my 500th geocache an Earthcache of a place where I already went at my first trip to CZ: The Fountain-Earthcache in Karlovy Vary. 🙂 So we just strolled around and took some more pictures before I had to leave for Switzerland again… I don’t know when I will be able to return to CZ, but I hope it’s going to be soon… I feel kinda homesick already… :-/


The Church of Mother of God in front of Týn – Kostel Matky Boží před Týnem; Old Town Square


My finds in Prague…:

GCP7YK – Praha – Hlavni nadrazi / Prague – The Main Station
GCW43N – Narodni muzeum 1891
GC4FB4A – Novomestsky pivovar
GC1GC4H – Prazske legendy – O Lokytkovi
GC33DJ3 – Prazske legendy – O stribrne rybe
GC38GN3 – Prazske legendy – O studance Pucka
GC1JXDP – Prague bridges 13 – Most na Slovansky ostrov
GC1B418 – Rotunda sv. Krize Mensiho
GC1GQ2T – Prazske legendy – O zkamenelem ulicnikovi
GC1TTFZ – Nejuzsi ulicka v Praze / Prague narrowest street
GC1EMMK – Prague bridges 9 – Manesuv most
GC14WV8 – Terezka
GC4G78X – Otýlie (Norsk, English) – Brhel #14

… on the map:


My finds in Prague on the Geocaching-Map

My First “Real” Passport

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Today I got my first real passport – a biometric one – before I only had my identity card, but as this is not sufficient to travel to Morocco without a visa, I decided to take that step, although I didn’t like the idea that I had to give my fingerprints…

I was always fascinated when my friends me the stamps from all countries where they’ve been… Of course I’d love to get some stamps myself now… But “thanks” to the European Union and the Schengen-Thing, there are hardly any stamps to get as long as I travel inside Europe. Nevertheless I want to try to get as many as possible.

Most of all I want the Czech stamp inside my passport, on the first page of it, as I love this country so unbelievably much… I realized that in Berlin, near Brandenburger Tor, you can get the Eastern-Berlin stamp as a kind of tourist attraction… Is there anything like it in Czech Republic? Can anyone give me some advice to get the Czech-Stamp despite the EU? I would be soooo grateful…  Thank you in advance! 🙂 (of course I’m also thankful for recommendations from other european countries!)

Are you a fan of stamps in your passport? Or don’t you care about them at all?

Family Trip to Mariánské Lázně

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Hey Folks,

welcome to the next pictures from my last trip to my second home in Czech Republic. Since V.’s dad is working terribly much, I was happy when he told me that he would like to make a family trip to Mariánské Lázně with us. Tato, Maminka a já

First we had a short break at the barracks of Mariánské Lázně, as V. wanted to show me where he had his military education. Then we went for a walk and some pictures in a lovely park, where the picture above with Tato & Maminka was taken, and also the one below. It was quite cold, so there weren’t too many other people strolling through the park – but still, I enjoyed every second of it. 🙂


After the walk in the park we went to the centre of the town, where we went wherever our legs took us to. 🙂 I love exploring the world around me without a plan where to go, and I love exploring them even more when I’m with people I love.


Although the day was windy and cold, I wished it would have lasted forever. The mermaid above can be found next to a park, where you can also find several sculptures of different sculptors. I love how people put so much love in every detail – look at the dreamy expression in the mermaids face…


Like in Karlovy Vary, the houses in Mariánské Lázně are very colorful. I like that. Although I like the city of Zurich a lot, it seems to be grey and heartless at times, compared with the cities, towns and villages I got to see in Czech Republic… But maybe it’s just because I fell in love with the Czech Republic and therefore I see everything through rose-tinted spectacles as soon as I’m there… 😀


Of course we went to buy some postcards in the centre of Mariánské Lázně, but there was so much to see and do that they are still lying on my desk here in Zurich, with Czech stamps and only partly written. Shame on me… But I guess my friends and family will still enjoy them… 😀


As we haven’t had too much to eat yet, I invited the family to some Haselnut-Wafers.. I love them so much… 😀

DSC_1294Munch – Munch… I miss the Czech wafers… sooo delicious and sweet…

DSC_1286At the colonnades of Mariánské Lázně I learned, that it would bring luck if you throw a coin down to the fountain… So I gave my family some Swiss coins, hoping that, whoever will distribute luck to those who throw a coin, will be curious about the foreign coins and serve ourselves first, haha 😀 We all made a wish, and I’m wondering whether it works… 😀 I will let you know whenever my wish came true – unfortunately, the wish has to be kept “tajné” (secret in Czech), as Maminka told me…




In Love With Karlovy Vary

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Howdy Dear Readers!

As you already know, I finally made my way back to Czech Republic last Tuesday. After spending a few days with V. and his family at his home, we went to Karlovy Vary on Friday. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t too sunny and beautiful. Nevertheless I fell in love with this little city again and I want to show you some pictures we took (at least some more than the last time we were there in September, haha).

Karlovy Vary is not only home to mote than 50.000 citizens, but also for the famous herbal bitter “Becherovka”, which is produced by the Jan Becher company. I liked this bitter since my first sip several years ago, but until September I wasn’t aware that it was produced in CZ. 😀 Of course we couldn’t leave Becherplatz without a nice guy taking a picture of V. & me in front of the XXL-Becherovka-Bottle.


But Karlovy Vary is not only home to and famous for its Becherovka, but also to its delicious wafers called „Karlovarské oplatky“. You can choose from different flavors such hazelnut, chocolate, egg liqueur,… My favorites are Apple-Cinnamon- and Chocolate-Marzipan-Wafers… 😀 In the store on the picture below I hat my oplatky-premiere… 😀 You can get your wafer “to go” or buy full packages to bring home to your friends and families… 😀 It’s definitely worth to go there whenever you like something sweet and typically czech. 🙂

DSC_1034Another typically (and sweet in a different way) thing you can find all over Karlovy Vary is “krtek” the little mole, famous from an animation’s series for children by Zdeněk Miler. I love this cute little mole, and so did my mom when she was a child… 😀 From the last trip I brought her a krtek-pencil and a magnet, and she almost freaked out 😀 This time, I brought her a krtek-calendar, but she won’t get it until Christmas, muahaha 😀

DSC_1061In this Restaurant in a crossroad of the pedestrian area I tried my very first “svíčková” and I absolutely loved it! 😀

I think I found a very good recipe for svíčková here: http://www.tschechische-kueche.de/svickova/ (it’s in German, but I think you can cope with that 😀 )
DSC_1043During spring, summer and part of autumn, there’s always the date displayed using flowers in the picture below. But I guess it was to cold this time, so the “flower-display” was empty… But next time, I promise, there will be a picture with the flower-date 😀

DSC_1065Me at the colonnades in Karlovy Vary… 🙂 Picture taken by V. 🙂

DSC_1089A market stall full of cups to try the waters from the different fountains in Karlovy Vary.. 🙂

DSC_1092Lovely architecture in the pedestrian area / colonnades of Karlovy Vary… 🙂

DSC_1109One of the 15 healing fountains in Karlovy Vary. The taste of the water is quite awful (at least for me it was) but people say that it is sooo healthy because it’s full of Iron and other important minerals…

DSC_1111The biggest of the fountains in Karlovy Vary…. 🙂

DSC_1131What I liked most about Karlovy Vary besides the oplatky were the colorful houses and the lovely architecture of the town… 🙂


Lucky me is traveling to Czech Republic again!

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Hey Folks!


How are you today? I’m reeeaaally tired, it’s been raining almost the whole night, and I had to do the inventory in our XXL store last night.. Came home somewhen past midnight… Not to forget that I just came home from Berlin yesterday afternoon. But well, there’s a reason why my friends call me Battledwarf – sleeping is totally overrated.. 😉

Anyway, there are some really good, awesome, jippie-news! =) I just booked my flight to Czech Republic… 😀 I’m leaving on 12.11.2013 and I’m staying until the 18th of November. I really can’t wait to see “my second family” again. We actually planned to visit the Thermal bath in Karlovy Vary, but I just realized that it is closed during winter 13/14. 😦 Now we agreed on going to the astronomical observatory in Karlovy Vary. V. always told me, that he wants to bring the stars down from the sky for me. I told him, that my apartment is not that big, so that I wouldn’t have room for all of them, now I will choose some from them when we’re at the observatory 😉 

Otherwise we don’t really know what to do in this 6 days yet. But we will spend at least 2-3 days around Karlovy Vary / Sokolov where his family lives… Then maybe go to Brno (his sister and her husband are living close to Brno) for a day or two, and then go back to Prague, since my flight is early monday morning… :-/ I wish I could stay longer, so I could see more of this lovely country, but well, University and work claim their “parts of me”, too. 

Anyway, I would be very grateful for any recommendations what to do and see (and eat?!) during these six days… 😀 

I’m sooo happy that my boss gave me a few days off so I can see “my 2nd family” before christmas again, I could freak out… 😀 

And now: give me all your travel advices! =) 
Thanks in advance!

Hugs & Kisses to all of you,
your super lucky&happy Sluníčko

Dobrý voják Švejk a já / The Good Soldier Švejk and Me

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Dobrý voják Švejk a já / The Good Soldier Švejk and Me

During my trip to the Czech Republic, V. took me to Karlovy Vary, where he used to work on several quite impressive buildings near the pedestrian area as a construction worker. It’s a really lovely town, and I like the idea that something he built with his own hands will be there forever (or at least for the next decades). V. also introduced me to the Good Soldier Švejk, the hero of a satirical novel written by Jaroslav Hašek. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to read the novel yet, but I just walked down the memory lane since I’m missing my “Czech Family” and my “second home” so much, and then I came across this picture… I’ll tell you more about this special soldier as soon as I read the novel, promise! =)

Picture taken by V. 🙂