An Evening Walk Through Zurich and a Flight to Prague

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Hey Folks,

Last friday, I couldn’t wait to get out of work as I was meeting Eli, a friend that I first met earlier this year at the University, during the *Language and the Media“- and *English in New Zealand“-Lectures..

We decided to meet at the Zurich main station, then find some drinks and a snack and walk towards lake Zurich, where we hoped to find a place for a little picnic. 🙂 While walking there, we found this  street sign, saying:  No-Sharks-in-the-Limmat-River-Zurich.JPG


“No Sharks in the Limmat River in Zurich.

The municipal police of Zurich gives the all-clear: In the flowing waters of Zurich is absolutely no risk of being attacked by sharks. Nevertheless, swimming between the “Quai bridge“ and the river baths „Oberer Letten“ is dangerous and therefore forbidden.”

What a great idea to catch people’s attention – and it’s so much funnier than the usual prohibition signs in the city. 😀


The Sun is setting over Lake Zurich

We found a lovely place under a tree close to the water, where we sat down, had our beers and ate “pom-bears“. We talked a lot, about everything at all. It felt like we’ve known each other for ages. 🙂

After finishing our beers, we went for some ice cream. I picked dark chocolate, and the seller gave me some mango-icecream to try. A very funny and nice guy, and the ice cream was delicious, too… 😀

We strolled along the lakeside and enjoyed the view on the lake. We decided to go back to the main station just in time, as there was a huge thunderstorm approaching us from the other side of the lake. It was windy and we could already see the lightning dancing in the dark, cloudy sky when we turned around. Just when we arrived at the station, it began to rain heavily… But still, it was an awesome evening, and I hope we can repeat that, soon… 🙂

Here are some more pictures that I took during the evening walk.

Boats on Lake Zurich in the late Evening

Boats on Lake Zurich in the late Evening

View on Lake Zurich towards the alps

View on Lake Zurich towards the Mountains in between which I grew up… 🙂


St Peters Church in Zurich by night

St Peters Church in Zurich by night

By the way, I finally booked a flight back to Czech Republic last week. I’ll leave Zurich on the 18th of July, and I’ll return on the 24th. I really can’t wait to see my friends and my second family back in Czech Republic again. And I’m really wondering how big the kittens have grown, which were born only three weeks before I went there in April. 🙂 I’m really super-excited. Unfortunately, my mobility is still quite limited, as I still haven’t got my driver’s license. So we will stay in the Karlovy Vary Region. The last day we want to spend in the Zoo in Prague – I love Zoos a lot! For the other days we haven’t made any plans yet – suggestions would be highly appreciated. 🙂

It’s the little things that matter most…

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Despite the cold and windy winter days, me and my friend Honza spent some time on the lakeside in Zurich before Christmas, feeding the gulls and ducks with some bread, laughing a lot, learning some new Czech words and chatting all afternoon long. You won’t believe how much this helped me to crawl out of my depressive episode… As the title says… It’s the little things that matter most…

Of course we took some pictures with our iPhones… 🙂


The story how I got to know Honza is quite funny I think… I posted some pictures about my Czech Computer Tutorial on Instagram… He commented on one of them… That he could help me with learning Czech, if I helped him with German… (his German’s awesome, so I don’t really know where he thought he needed help, haha). Anyway, we became friends on Facebook and found out that we don’t live too far away from each other… We chatted a lot, and we also talked about work etc. A few weeks after our first chat, he stood in the store where I worked, at the checkout, smiled at me and said “dobrý den”… 😀 What a surprise… 😀Image

After that, we went for some coffees from time to time, or went for walks along the lake of Zurich, etc. etc. He is really a wonderful person, and I’m lucky to have him around. Although we only know each other since a few months, it feels like we’ve grown up together… 🙂


After having finished our breads for the birds, we strolled through the city towards the main station, as I was up to meet Roman, another Czech friend who studied medieval literature with me some years ago. I like Zurich most during Christmas, with all the lights and Christmas decoration… 🙂


Before we went for a Ginger Bread Latte and a Donut to Starbucks, we couldn’t cross the main hall of the Zurich main station without taking a picture of the famous Swarovski Christmas Tree… 😀 It’s really impressive… Do you like it?