Another Awesome & Creative Geocache

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On Tuesday, I went to see my Mom right after University classes, as she was celebrating her 50th Birthday the day after. I had to work the late shift on wednesday, so it was the perfect possibility to spend a few hours together and celebrate into her birthday.

Before we treated ourselves with a bottle of Muscat, we wanted to find some geocaches in the region where she lives – and we came across this one… What an awesome idea… It’s part of a cache series called “Memories are made of this”, the cache itself was about the topic “adolescence & puberty”.  🙂  (pimple and pick are both translated with the word “Pickel” in German… :-D)

Caches & hides like this is what’s fun about geocaching… What’s the most awesome geocache you came across in 2014 so far? Feel free to share & link yours for some mutual inspiration! 🙂

Geocaching in Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland

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20140123-091044.jpg20140123-091032.jpg My Mom and I, we went to Lugano the day before yesterday. Our primary aim was to get the SWISS MONOPOLY Cache “Lugano, Via Nassa” (click here to get to the listing on I like this geocaching-series a lot, it’s always a lot of fun to walk through cities you’ve never been before, searching for tiny little details that lead you to the final coordinates. 🙂

When we arrived at the station in Lugano, we wanted to buy something for lunch… but the store my mother wanted to enter, I realized that we were not allowed to enter with our backpacks on… 😀 I’ve never seen a sign like this before… But well, we found a “Brezelkönig” in Via Nassa, so we got a delicious lunch anyway. 😀


The weather in Lugano was awesome, sunny, yet windy… about 12° C all day long… I could get used to that… It’s been rainy, grey and windy for weeks here in Zurich… We even bought our first ice cream for this year, which we enjoyed while marveling at the sculptures…

20140123-091103.jpg20140123-091117.jpgWe also “found” an Earth Cache on the lakeside of lake Lugano, while we enjoyed the sun and our ice creams… 🙂 Have I mentioned that I love being close to the water? No matter if it’s a sea, a lake, a river or only a pond… The deep blue and green colors of water and its waves and their sounds always calm me down, bring me peace… Sometimes I really wish that we would have some sea shore here in Switzerland… but at least we have many lakes here…




After we logged the cache “Welcome to Paradise”, we heard a strange noise while re-hiding the cache container… When we went back on the path on the lakeside, we saw that beautiful fountain just a few meters into the lake, and the gulls were flying around it so beautifully, it was really idyllic… 🙂 I could have stood there and watched for hours – but the next geocache was already waiting… 🙂


20140123-091134.jpg20140123-091354.jpgThe next cache was the “Peööegrinaggio alla Chiesa di S.ta Maria di Loreto”, between the statue of Saint Francis and a lovely little church. The cache was hidden on a quite cheeky spot… 😀

Another cache was hidden near this blue snail, in Parco Ciani. I liked the snail a lot, as you can see…  😀



There is also another series in and around the city of Lugano, it is called “PLAY”. The caches of the series are located on playgrounds, and I’m not really sure whether I like it or not… On one hand, it was big fun climbing the tower and to slide the chute, but on the other hand it was quite difficult to look for the cache in stealth mode, as there were many kids and their parents. There’s no chance getting the geocache without climbing where kids should not climb, and I didn’t want to show the kids something they mustn’t do because it’s dangerous… So we had to wait a long time until the kids and their family went back home, so we could get the cache without being a bad example… :-/

What do you think about geocaches on playgrounds?

Hiking Day with D.’s Family

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Hey there!

D.’s Family, D. and I enjoyed the warm and sunny sunday to go for a hike in Lenk.

Along the Route

First we drove to Solothurn to pick up D.’s parents, his brother and his fiancée, then we went through the picturesque villages to the valley station of the cable car. When we were up at the top station, we had a lovely brunch with lots of fresh fruits, croissants, bread, juices, meat, cheese, coffee, milk etc.

In the Valley

Strengthened by this late breakfast, we started our way upwards… It was rather exhausting, and the trails were rather narrow, and it was steeper than we expected. But still we managed to get to the top. The descent was less exhausting, and then we had a picnic close to the “Simmenfälle”, beautiful waterfalls…


During our picnic with sandwiches and some delicious wine, I started the geocaching-App on my iPhone… And I was lucky! Only about 80 meters from the bench we sat on a traditional geocache (Name: GC14YKM “7 Brunnen” ) was hidden. I told the others about it, and D.’s mother spontaneously decided to join my hunt. We had to cross the water and the GPS signal wasn’t too good, so we had to run up and down a lot until we found the right spot. 🙂 Luckily there was a pen in the cache, because I realized that I forgot my pens at home. But with some luck and the help of D.’s mother I managed to log my 415th “Found it”. 🙂 Before returning to the rest of the family, i made this little video to show you how beautiful this spot really is. Unfortunately I was filming against the sun, which my iPhones camera didn’t like too much. Hope you still like the video.


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