Höllgrotten Baar (Hell-Grotto, Baar) / International Earthcache Day 2014

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Hey Folks!

Last Sunday (12th of October) was the International Earthcache Day 2014. Together with my Mom we searched for a cool Earthcache-Location so we would earn the souvenir of this year. We decided to visit the Höllgrotten in Baar, a beautiful cave-landscape. There were also plenty of traditional Geocaches in Baar and in Zug, so we were busy the entire day. Luckily we had a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures. 🙂

We started in Baar by visiting the Höllgrotten, as it was our chief aim to find the right answers for the Earthcache. The Höllgrotten caves are unlike any other stalactite cave on earth. While other grottos were created deep underground – a process which takes millions of years – the Höllgrotten caves were formed on the surface over a relatively short period of time, approximately 3000 years.

The "green beard" growing over the tufa here is the result of artificial illumination.

The “green beard” growing over the tufa here is the result of artificial illumination.

As I read on the Höllgrotten-Website, there’s constant dripping inside the caves, so didn’t take my reflex camera (Nikon D7000) with me, but the less expensive digital camera Nikon Coolpix S6600. It was difficult to take good shots in the caves, as the light-situation was different to everything I’ve ever photographed before… Nevertheless I kept on trying… 🙂 I also tried to film the spectacular scene at the “Zauberschloss” (enchanted castle).

Finding the answers required for the Earthcache was not difficult at all, as they were all printed on the information boards, and the listing even gave the numbers of the corresponding info boards.

Zauberschloss @ Höllgrotten, Baar

Zauberschloss @ Höllgrotten, Baar

Zauberschloss @ Höllgrotten, Baar

Zauberschloss @ Höllgrotten, Baar











After having completed the Earthcache we went back to the car and approached two traditional Geocaches by car. After that we parked somewhere near the railway station “Zug Schutzengel”. Then we continued our tour by feet:

  1. GC4JR30 Höllgrotten Baar (Earthcache, by car)
  2. GC51VWR Julias Baum (by car)
  3. GC51VXE Unter der Lorzenbrücke auf dem Industriepfad (by car)

    "Away from here".

    “Away from here”.

  4. GC3B284 Kommunizierende Gefässe
  5. GC1H030 Fussballcache 1
  6. GC2HW4A Fussball-Familie Zug
  7. GC3E5HY  Hikiashi’s Ruhepfad
  8. GC36AQE Hikiashi’s Lindenpark
  9. GC4Q9PK Willkommen in Zug
  10. GC3EFEN Hikiashi’s Kistenfabrik
  11. GC4R3VR Hikiashi’s Park & Play
  12. GC47X8B Spaziergang – Rad Fussweg
  13. GC4WXT7 Wasser
  14. GC4WVFJ Mauer 2 (DNF 😦 )
  15. GC4WMGC Mauer (DNF 😦 )
  16. GC4YX19 Baum 12 (DNF 😦 )
  17. GC4H9K4 Where is Honey Boo Boo (DNF 😦 )
  18. GC4ZJTC Grienbach
  19. GC3JG1B Vermessen … LFP3 17016038
  20. GC47VPH Spaziergang – Bushaltestelle
  21. GC47XWH Spaziergang – Brunnen
  22. GC47XAG Spaziergang – Aarbach
  23. GC47XA3 Spaziergang – Kreuzung
  24. GC4ZTM7 SCZ
  25. GC4VT72 Friendensglöckli
  26. GC4FJN6 St. Michael
  27. GC59VRA Postkarten kommen immer gut an
  28. GC2W4MW Concrete Bridge 9
  29. GC2E6R9 Schutzengel
  30. GC1QVWH Bahnhof Zug
My Geocachingmap Zug / Baar

My Geocachingmap Zug / Baar

Keeping busy… :-)

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In order to keep myself from falling into depressive episodes due to my bipolar personality disorder, it’s vital for me to keep busy. This becomes even more important during my semester’s break. I’ll spend my day in the western, french part of Switzerland, trying to turn the next few geocaches of the “SWISS-MONOPOLY”-geocaching series into smileys. I got up at 4:30, boarded the train at 5:36 a.m. and I will arrive in Geneva at about 8:40…

La Chaux de Fonds
Biel / Bienne


I’m still quite sleepy, despite the Energy Drink, but I’m really willing to accomplish this mission. 🙂

What are you up to today?

Hugs to all of you,

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A Lovely Day of Geocaching & Sightseeing in Prague

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Prague Main Station – View from the first Geocache we found during our Prague-Trip

Geocaching usually is big fun everywhere I go, but it’s always the most beautiful when you share the geocaching-fun with people you love most… It becomes even more special when you’re able to go geocaching in a place that you just came to know a few months ago, but that already feels like home… That’s exactly how I feel about the Czech Republic… I’ve only been to a few places in CZ (Karlovy Vary, Sokolov, Habartov, Mariánské Lázně, Loket, Františkovy Lázně & Praha) and I’m still a beginner when it comes to speaking Czech, I just love this country and its people… 🙂


The Czech National Museum – Národní Muzeum

I had about 486 geocaches found before we started our hunt in Prague – our aim for my CZ-holidays this time was to make my next milestone of 500 found geocaches a Czech one, one that reminds me of a wonderful excursion. In front of the National Museum, we had our first little deception… somewhere in the sculpture near the fountain we had our first “Did Not Find” of the day… But there was some kind of event at the National Museum, the place was very busy and full of security guards, so we decided to leave the place and find some other geocaches.


Ss. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral – Pravoslavný chrám svatých Cyrila a Metoděje

On the walk to one of our caches, we came accross the “Ss. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral”, and V. told me about its historical background… I love strolling through cities and learning about its history from friends who live there…

In 1942, during World War II, the cathedral was the scene of the last stand of a number of Czech and Slovak patriots who, in Operation Anthropoid, had assassinated Reinhard Heydrich, the Nazi SS Obergruppenführer and General of Police. Karl Fischer von Treuenfeld was in command of the troops that stormed the church on 18 June 1942. After a fierce gun battle, they committed suicide to avoid capture. Presently there is a museum in the church crypt dedicated to them as national heroes. (source: wikipedia.org)

As a student back in school, I wasn’t into history and politics at all, but when you get it first or maybe second hand from people who “experienced history” right at the scene, it’s a whole different story. 🙂


V. descending to the river Vltava in order to get me another cache 😀

After a grey, windy and very misty morning, the weather became more and more friendly around midday. I was quite pleased to see the sun again, the grey weather wasn’t really motivating me until now… And I longed to enjoy the view on the Charles Bridge etc., as it was so misty last time that I could hardly see whats 2 meters ahead… 🙂


Love Padlocks on a small pedestrian bridge over a sidearm of the Vltava – so romantic!

DNF’s aren’t always just time wasted, as we walked past those lovelocks on a pedestrian bridge on our way to another cache… I love these – I hope, one day, I’ll hang a lock on there, too… *dreamy*


View from somewhere under the Charles Bridge…

After we found a few more caches, we decided to go for a hot chocolate – chocolate helps against everything, even headaches, I think… 😀 Although the restaurant had written horká čokoláda (hot chocolate) on its menu, I didn’t get one as they ran out of chocolate… hard luck… 😉 But I’m not complicated, so I simply ordered a schnitzel with some fries instead, which kinda irritated the waiter (he might have expected a tea or coffee, haha) but tasted delicious in the end… 😀


View on the Charles Bridge from Mánesův most

We enjoyed walking through the city as the sun was going down on Prague and found some more caches, so we finally made it to 499. We decided that we want to make my 500th geocache an Earthcache of a place where I already went at my first trip to CZ: The Fountain-Earthcache in Karlovy Vary. 🙂 So we just strolled around and took some more pictures before I had to leave for Switzerland again… I don’t know when I will be able to return to CZ, but I hope it’s going to be soon… I feel kinda homesick already… :-/


The Church of Mother of God in front of Týn – Kostel Matky Boží před Týnem; Old Town Square


My finds in Prague…:

GCP7YK – Praha – Hlavni nadrazi / Prague – The Main Station
GCW43N – Narodni muzeum 1891
GC4FB4A – Novomestsky pivovar
GC1GC4H – Prazske legendy – O Lokytkovi
GC33DJ3 – Prazske legendy – O stribrne rybe
GC38GN3 – Prazske legendy – O studance Pucka
GC1JXDP – Prague bridges 13 – Most na Slovansky ostrov
GC1B418 – Rotunda sv. Krize Mensiho
GC1GQ2T – Prazske legendy – O zkamenelem ulicnikovi
GC1TTFZ – Nejuzsi ulicka v Praze / Prague narrowest street
GC1EMMK – Prague bridges 9 – Manesuv most
GC14WV8 – Terezka
GC4G78X – Otýlie (Norsk, English) – Brhel #14

… on the map:


My finds in Prague on the Geocaching-Map

Another Awesome & Creative Geocache

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On Tuesday, I went to see my Mom right after University classes, as she was celebrating her 50th Birthday the day after. I had to work the late shift on wednesday, so it was the perfect possibility to spend a few hours together and celebrate into her birthday.

Before we treated ourselves with a bottle of Muscat, we wanted to find some geocaches in the region where she lives – and we came across this one… What an awesome idea… It’s part of a cache series called “Memories are made of this”, the cache itself was about the topic “adolescence & puberty”.  🙂  (pimple and pick are both translated with the word “Pickel” in German… :-D)

Caches & hides like this is what’s fun about geocaching… What’s the most awesome geocache you came across in 2014 so far? Feel free to share & link yours for some mutual inspiration! 🙂

Geocaching in Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland

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20140123-091044.jpg20140123-091032.jpg My Mom and I, we went to Lugano the day before yesterday. Our primary aim was to get the SWISS MONOPOLY Cache “Lugano, Via Nassa” (click here to get to the listing on geocaching.com). I like this geocaching-series a lot, it’s always a lot of fun to walk through cities you’ve never been before, searching for tiny little details that lead you to the final coordinates. 🙂

When we arrived at the station in Lugano, we wanted to buy something for lunch… but the store my mother wanted to enter, I realized that we were not allowed to enter with our backpacks on… 😀 I’ve never seen a sign like this before… But well, we found a “Brezelkönig” in Via Nassa, so we got a delicious lunch anyway. 😀


The weather in Lugano was awesome, sunny, yet windy… about 12° C all day long… I could get used to that… It’s been rainy, grey and windy for weeks here in Zurich… We even bought our first ice cream for this year, which we enjoyed while marveling at the sculptures…

20140123-091103.jpg20140123-091117.jpgWe also “found” an Earth Cache on the lakeside of lake Lugano, while we enjoyed the sun and our ice creams… 🙂 Have I mentioned that I love being close to the water? No matter if it’s a sea, a lake, a river or only a pond… The deep blue and green colors of water and its waves and their sounds always calm me down, bring me peace… Sometimes I really wish that we would have some sea shore here in Switzerland… but at least we have many lakes here…




After we logged the cache “Welcome to Paradise”, we heard a strange noise while re-hiding the cache container… When we went back on the path on the lakeside, we saw that beautiful fountain just a few meters into the lake, and the gulls were flying around it so beautifully, it was really idyllic… 🙂 I could have stood there and watched for hours – but the next geocache was already waiting… 🙂


20140123-091134.jpg20140123-091354.jpgThe next cache was the “Peööegrinaggio alla Chiesa di S.ta Maria di Loreto”, between the statue of Saint Francis and a lovely little church. The cache was hidden on a quite cheeky spot… 😀

Another cache was hidden near this blue snail, in Parco Ciani. I liked the snail a lot, as you can see…  😀



There is also another series in and around the city of Lugano, it is called “PLAY”. The caches of the series are located on playgrounds, and I’m not really sure whether I like it or not… On one hand, it was big fun climbing the tower and to slide the chute, but on the other hand it was quite difficult to look for the cache in stealth mode, as there were many kids and their parents. There’s no chance getting the geocache without climbing where kids should not climb, and I didn’t want to show the kids something they mustn’t do because it’s dangerous… So we had to wait a long time until the kids and their family went back home, so we could get the cache without being a bad example… :-/

What do you think about geocaches on playgrounds?

Geocaching around the Hallwilersee, Switzerland

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Hey folks,

Today I want to show you where I’ve been this sunday. We first wanted to complete the “Emmenuferweg”-trail in Entlebuch (canton Lucerne), but since there was so much snow and the trail is very close to the river “Emme”, we thought we wouldn’t find any of the caches anyway. So we had to work out a Plan B very quickly. Our choice fell on the geocaching-trail around the lake of Hallwil.


My geocaching-friend Diane picked my up at my place around 10:30 a.m., so I didn’t have to buy a ticket for the train – and it’s far more quickly to go there by car. And we had the possibility to chat a bit on our way there. She’s been to Morocco with her sister recently – what an adventure! 🙂 Image

V. texted me via Skype and asked us to take some pictures of myself (he loved geocaching with me while he was in Switzerland, and he’s missing those times like crazy – me too, of course), so here they are… 😀

ImageIn Hallwil, there is a lovely castle set on the lake. It was my highlight of our tour, in some ways… 🙂 Of course we took another picture for V…. 🙂


*smile* I wouldn’t mind taking this castle for my residence at all… 😀 I always loved all kinds of castles, and I always loved being close to lakes or rivers… Perfect match, what do you think? Image

The tour around the lake wasn’t as great as we hoped. There were only few caches, located in at least 700m of distance.. The cold and rainy weather didn’t help at all. There was one cache in the series that we couldn’t find because we couldn’t access the area where it was hidden, since there were fences all around, with closed gates and prohibition signs. 😦 I hate stuff like that, and so our mood went down… DSCN1438

Short after we left the castle, we found this stilt house next to the lake. It’s open, so people can go in and “feel” how the lake-dwelling folks lived.DSCN1449


After visiting the stilt house, we found this geocache-guard next to the trail. V. told me, that squirrel means  veverka in Czech. Learned something new, yee-haw…. 🙂 Image

Is this a travelbug, lost in the deep dark forest? 😀 However, suddenly, the darkness fell over the lakeside… we still fought our way through the dark forest, luckily Diane had her headlamp with her – I didn’t. So I tried to follow her more or less blindly…

We found about 14 geocaches that day, and we couldn’t find 4 boxes… The tour was okay, but nothing we would recommend to any geocaching-tourists, there are far more beautiful trails here in Switzerland… 🙂 But at least we went outside and got some fresh air… I’m always grateful when my friends get me out of my place, especially in the cold and dark season, since I have a tendency to fall into depressions as soon as I’m not busy anymore… -.-  And I like the squirrel-picture a lot … 😀

An Awesome Weekend

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Hi Folks!

Hope you’ve all had a great Weekend so far. Mine was absolutely awesome.

I worked the early shift on friday, and as my boss is a really nice one, he let me run off 15mins earlier so I could catch the train to Bad Ragaz, leaving from Zurich main station 18:12. My mom invited me to do a mother-and-daughter-wellness-night at the Tamina Thermal Spring. It was a wonderful evening. The air was rather chilly, and so we enjoyed the hot tubs outside even more, especially the little waterfall and the whirlpool. Inside the building we found a steam grotto, a really cold bath (17° after  45° C and 100% air humidity in the steam grotto really freaked me out 😀 ). After the cold bath we enjoyed our stay in the 39° C warm water in the next tub… 😀 After that we were given a preheated towel and lay down on the balcony for a little rest. After 20 minutes of chillout, we went back into the water and enjoyed several massage jets. On friday nights, the entrance fee is only 19.- Swiss Franks (compared to 26 Swiss Franks for two hours any other time). You may enter at 19:30 and stay until 22:30. You are required to leave the building until 23:00.

If you want to read more about this beautiful spa place, please visit their homepage: http://www.taminatherme.ch

Image Casino Bad Ragaz

Image Tamina Thermal Spring Bad Ragaz

Yesterday, I helped my best friend P.J. to move into his brand new apartment in Walenstadt SG. It’s a really cozy, comfy 2.5 room apartment with an absolutely beautiful bathroom. I adore this lovely bath tub, so much space to store all your little wellness-goodies and bottle of champagne with glasses, candles and everything. I really envy him for this little peace of paradise. 😀 When we arrived, P.J. couldn’t resist to test this comfort immediately:Image

To keep us awake, P.J. offered us some “hazardously sour candy”… They really lived up to their names… :-S Terrible stuff! =D


The last “thing” we moved was the cage of P.J.’s Degus (and of course the animals). 😀 They were kinda stressed, although we tried to put them in a quiet space while we were emptying the old flat and furnishing the new one. But when we finally introduced them to their new home, they calmed down quickly.


Degu “Fire”


Degu “Ice”


Degus Ice and Fire


Walenstadt is a really beautiful little town. It’s surrounded by picturesque mountains and the Walensee, one of the deepest and therefore coldest lakes in Switzerland. There is also an ancient mine, where P.J. placed an horrific Mystery-Multi-Geocache called “My Bloody Valentine” (*click* to get to the listing of this cache *click*).