Spotify-Playlists: Mood-Booster

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I’m really in love with Spotify. It’s such an awesome app that let’s you discover great artists and provides you with hundreds of playlists for just any occasion. Recently, I’ve found the “Mood-Booster”-Playlist; 100 Songs that lift up your mood, no matter how down you feel… Check it out! 😀

I’m putting a Holidays-in-Czech-Republic-playlist together right now… I’ll share it as soon as I’m done… 😀

Do you also have some favorite playlists on spotify? Feel free to share them in the comment section- I’d love to listen to your recommendations… 🙂 

Life’s for the Living

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Hey folks,

I know it’s been a while since my last post… I’ve had a wonderful end of my winter’s break from University, been busy with traveling to Czech Republic & Morocco, meeting new people, finally finding a “Tandem partner” who’s willing to help me learning Czech and willing to be taught German by me in return… 🙂 But I also spent a lot of time working – someone has to pay the whole traveling thing though… 😀 Anyway, I have a backpack full of stories and photographs to share with you, and I hope I’ll find some time on sunday to prepare some posts… today, I’m just tired of the rather stressful first week back at University & the mess with our work-schedule (my boss somehow forgot that the semester started on monday…).

I just wanted to send off a sign of life after these weeks of quietness. So I’ll leave you for today with a lovely song that inspires me a lot to leave my fears behind, stop being worried all the time and just live my life to the fullest… Maybe one could categorize the lyrics as “Lyrics to Live By”. 🙂

Big hugs and lots of love to all of you!

Well I’m sick of this town, this blind man’s forage
They take your dreams down and stick them in storage
You can have them back son when you’ve paid off your mortgage and loans
Oh hell with this place, I’ll go it my own way
I’ll stick out my thumb and trudge down the highway
Someday someone must be going my way home
Till then I’ll make my bed from a disused car
With a matress of leaves and a blanket of stars
And I’ll stitch the words into my heart with a needle and thread
Don’t you cry for the lost
Smile for the living
Get what you need and give what you’r given
You know life’s for the living  – so live it 
Or you’re better of dead

~ Life’s for the Living by Passenger

A night with Phil and Alex Hepburn in Zurich

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Hey Guys,
I just came home from an awesome concert… Alex Hepburn again! Phil and I already saw her earlier this year at Bierhübeli in Bern… Today she did a show at Kaufleuten Club in Zurich. Although she’s having a soar throat at the moment, Phil and I were blown away by her voice… She even recognised us: “Hey, I know you guys from somewhere… Don’t we have this lovely picture of the three of us on instagram???” (See picture below) Of course we do! 😀 We couldn’t believe she really remembered us… Unfortunately we didn’t meet again after the concert was over, but at least I got the setlist, muahaha 😉



Good night everyone :-*
Your Sluníčko

The BossHoss live in Winterthur

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Hey Folks,
I’ve had an absolutely awesome Saturday night with D., M., her boyfriend and The BossHoss in Winterthur. The concert was awesome, we really danced our a**es off 😀 the organization could have been better, but the band was doing a really good show… 🙂

Lots of Love,


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Hey Guys,

sorry for not posting anything on here in the last few days, but I’m really stuck in a depressive phase again. It’s so frustrating since I actually want to do a billion things, but I barely find the energy for getting all this simple day-to-day-business things done…

It’s the first longer depressive episode since quite a time…. I haven’t told you yet, but I was diagnosed with a bipolar personality disorder in a bit more than a year ago and my doc put me on medication for more than 6 months. It was a horrible experience, to be honest… First, the medication was quite effective and I got back to almost normal – but I was tired as hell, I could sleep all day long, and I wasn’t very into going outside and meeting friends anymore – short; I felt like an emotional and physical zombie. Furthermore, the medication helped for about the first 4-7 days after I increased my daily dose, then I got worse again… I wasn’t willing to increase my dose every week, so I decided to cut down on them. Finally, in July, I stopped taking them at all. My new job, my workmates, friends (especially V. and D.) and some new hobbies (geocaching, hiking, learning Czech, cooking…) helped me a lot during this time. I got better and better every day, I felt more powerful than ever before, and I figured out some “skills” to prevent myself from falling in those black, deep, dark holes called depression, such as doing Sudoku & Crosswords, studying, jogging, just going outside taking pictures, go for a swim etc. etc. It really went well for the last 3-4 months, so I don’t want to complain about those few days I’m down again.

The only thing that really frustrates me is the fact that I don’t really know where it comes from this time. Is it because of the beginning of the semester? Or because of the rather stressful schedule I organized with 3 days working, 3 days studying, 1 day off? Is it because of my attempt to lose weight, that doesn’t work as I expected it to work? Is it the grey, cold and wet autumn weather? Or something completely different?

I was also kinda worried and afraid of yesterday. I felt a lump in my breast, so I had a doctor’s appointment in early September. My doc has felt it as well, and she sent me to see another doc at our local hospital. The appointment was yesterday. The doctor there was a really nice, young lady, and I felt quite comfortable during the examination. After looking at the lump via medical ultrasonics, she told me that the lump looks rather like a innocuous one, a so called fibroadenoma. To be sure, she suggested, I should come again on the 11/11/2013 on 11 a.m. (what a date, I’m sure that’s gonna bring luck), so she can do a biopsy to be completely sure that it’s not cancer. Actually I’m quite becalmed and optimistic about the whole thing, although I’m a bit scared of the biopsy… So I don’t really think that that’s the reason for my depressive episode.

However, I’m trying to distract myself a little bit today. I didn’t feel like going to the Uni (it was just one single seminar) and do some stuff I should have done earlier, so maybe I’ll feel a little better tonight, if I at least managed to get those things done:

  • doing the laundry
  • vacuum-cleaning and mopping the apartment
  • cleaning the bathroom
  • get the daily tasks of my Czech-learning-program done
  • disposing of the empties
  • writing the concept of my seminar paper
  • maybe even begin with the writing process of the seminar paper
  • revising for the theoretical exam for the driver’s license
  • Skype with V. as a reward when this list is completed… 😀
  • if there’s still energy left, I’d like to share a very special, Swiss recipe with you – I made “Capuns” on Saturday night, and they were soooo delicious! =)

Yesterday, I also found a lovely song by El Nino featuring Eliška Bučková called Při mně stůj (it’s Czech and means “Stand By Me” if I’m not completely mistaken) that I liked quite a lot. Guess I should search for some more Czech singers, might help improving my syntax-knowledge etc… 🙂 Any recommendations are welcome. 🙂

Here’s the song: