It’s the little things that matter most…

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Despite the cold and windy winter days, me and my friend Honza spent some time on the lakeside in Zurich before Christmas, feeding the gulls and ducks with some bread, laughing a lot, learning some new Czech words and chatting all afternoon long. You won’t believe how much this helped me to crawl out of my depressive episode… As the title says… It’s the little things that matter most…

Of course we took some pictures with our iPhones… 🙂


The story how I got to know Honza is quite funny I think… I posted some pictures about my Czech Computer Tutorial on Instagram… He commented on one of them… That he could help me with learning Czech, if I helped him with German… (his German’s awesome, so I don’t really know where he thought he needed help, haha). Anyway, we became friends on Facebook and found out that we don’t live too far away from each other… We chatted a lot, and we also talked about work etc. A few weeks after our first chat, he stood in the store where I worked, at the checkout, smiled at me and said “dobrý den”… 😀 What a surprise… 😀Image

After that, we went for some coffees from time to time, or went for walks along the lake of Zurich, etc. etc. He is really a wonderful person, and I’m lucky to have him around. Although we only know each other since a few months, it feels like we’ve grown up together… 🙂


After having finished our breads for the birds, we strolled through the city towards the main station, as I was up to meet Roman, another Czech friend who studied medieval literature with me some years ago. I like Zurich most during Christmas, with all the lights and Christmas decoration… 🙂


Before we went for a Ginger Bread Latte and a Donut to Starbucks, we couldn’t cross the main hall of the Zurich main station without taking a picture of the famous Swarovski Christmas Tree… 😀 It’s really impressive… Do you like it?


A lovely Day in and around Rapperswil

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Hello World!


Do you know those days, when everything seems to be just perfect, and no matter what happens, you can’t get rid of that smile on your face? Where everything seems to be better than ever before? When you could cry and love and hug the whole wide word all at once?!


I was so lucky to experience one of those rare days in the beginning of this month. I met my best friend P.J. in Rapperswil, a beautiful, picturesque little town on the lakeside of the lake of Zurich (Zürichsee, in German). The weather was beautiful and sunny, but nevertheless we did some shopping first: I bought a new leather jacket and the new perfume by Katy Perry, “Killerqueen”, whereas P.J. found some new sunglasses in jazzy colors.


After the shopping-part of the day, we had lunch at the shopping centre and then we went to the lake to rent a pedalo. Happily P.J. got his speakers with him, so we had our own little party on the pedalo, singing and pedaling, laughing and talking…. And of course we took many many pictures. 🙂

IMG_4812As I often do, I checked my geocaching-App for nearby caches, and I was lucky again. There is one geocache placed under the little wooden bridge that leads from Rapperswil o Hurden. It can be reached only by boat, so P.J. and I were well equipped. So we pedaled to the target coordinate. Thanks to P.J.’s efforts and commitment we found the little can in no time – but we had longer to retrieve it… 😀 We had a good laugh and were finally able to sign the Logbook… This was my first 5-Star-Terrain-Geocache in my geocaching-career. Happy Battledwarf! =D


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