Höllgrotten Baar (Hell-Grotto, Baar) / International Earthcache Day 2014

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Hey Folks!

Last Sunday (12th of October) was the International Earthcache Day 2014. Together with my Mom we searched for a cool Earthcache-Location so we would earn the souvenir of this year. We decided to visit the Höllgrotten in Baar, a beautiful cave-landscape. There were also plenty of traditional Geocaches in Baar and in Zug, so we were busy the entire day. Luckily we had a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures. 🙂

We started in Baar by visiting the Höllgrotten, as it was our chief aim to find the right answers for the Earthcache. The Höllgrotten caves are unlike any other stalactite cave on earth. While other grottos were created deep underground – a process which takes millions of years – the Höllgrotten caves were formed on the surface over a relatively short period of time, approximately 3000 years.

The "green beard" growing over the tufa here is the result of artificial illumination.

The “green beard” growing over the tufa here is the result of artificial illumination.

As I read on the Höllgrotten-Website, there’s constant dripping inside the caves, so didn’t take my reflex camera (Nikon D7000) with me, but the less expensive digital camera Nikon Coolpix S6600. It was difficult to take good shots in the caves, as the light-situation was different to everything I’ve ever photographed before… Nevertheless I kept on trying… 🙂 I also tried to film the spectacular scene at the “Zauberschloss” (enchanted castle).

Finding the answers required for the Earthcache was not difficult at all, as they were all printed on the information boards, and the listing even gave the numbers of the corresponding info boards.

Zauberschloss @ Höllgrotten, Baar

Zauberschloss @ Höllgrotten, Baar

Zauberschloss @ Höllgrotten, Baar

Zauberschloss @ Höllgrotten, Baar











After having completed the Earthcache we went back to the car and approached two traditional Geocaches by car. After that we parked somewhere near the railway station “Zug Schutzengel”. Then we continued our tour by feet:

  1. GC4JR30 Höllgrotten Baar (Earthcache, by car)
  2. GC51VWR Julias Baum (by car)
  3. GC51VXE Unter der Lorzenbrücke auf dem Industriepfad (by car)

    "Away from here".

    “Away from here”.

  4. GC3B284 Kommunizierende Gefässe
  5. GC1H030 Fussballcache 1
  6. GC2HW4A Fussball-Familie Zug
  7. GC3E5HY  Hikiashi’s Ruhepfad
  8. GC36AQE Hikiashi’s Lindenpark
  9. GC4Q9PK Willkommen in Zug
  10. GC3EFEN Hikiashi’s Kistenfabrik
  11. GC4R3VR Hikiashi’s Park & Play
  12. GC47X8B Spaziergang – Rad Fussweg
  13. GC4WXT7 Wasser
  14. GC4WVFJ Mauer 2 (DNF 😦 )
  15. GC4WMGC Mauer (DNF 😦 )
  16. GC4YX19 Baum 12 (DNF 😦 )
  17. GC4H9K4 Where is Honey Boo Boo (DNF 😦 )
  18. GC4ZJTC Grienbach
  19. GC3JG1B Vermessen … LFP3 17016038
  20. GC47VPH Spaziergang – Bushaltestelle
  21. GC47XWH Spaziergang – Brunnen
  22. GC47XAG Spaziergang – Aarbach
  23. GC47XA3 Spaziergang – Kreuzung
  24. GC4ZTM7 SCZ
  25. GC4VT72 Friendensglöckli
  26. GC4FJN6 St. Michael
  27. GC59VRA Postkarten kommen immer gut an
  28. GC2W4MW Concrete Bridge 9
  29. GC2E6R9 Schutzengel
  30. GC1QVWH Bahnhof Zug
My Geocachingmap Zug / Baar

My Geocachingmap Zug / Baar

The Swiss Federal Parliament Building in Autumn

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Hey folks!

I had to go to Jegenstorf to accomplish a course for my work… Since I haven’t met my Friends from Berne since quite a time, I decided to meet some of them for some mulled wine, some talking and the spectacular light show at the Swiss Federal Building in Bern. This light show is called “Rendez-Vous Bundesplatz” and this particular program is called “legendary”. It shows different scenes of Swiss legends wrapped in a quite funny, fictional story. It’s really a must-see if you are in Bern during these days… You’ll never see our Federal Building in so many beautiful colors except during those 6 weeks… There are two shows every day (19:00 and 20:30), and the shows are about 30 minutes in length.

Last year’s show was my first one, and as I realized that I’m going to be around at the exact same time in Bern, my friends and I decided to enjoy this spectacle again… 🙂 Hope you like those few impressions I uploaded for you… 🙂

Lots of Love & Good night,

Hiking Day with D.’s Family

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Hey there!

D.’s Family, D. and I enjoyed the warm and sunny sunday to go for a hike in Lenk.

Along the Route

First we drove to Solothurn to pick up D.’s parents, his brother and his fiancée, then we went through the picturesque villages to the valley station of the cable car. When we were up at the top station, we had a lovely brunch with lots of fresh fruits, croissants, bread, juices, meat, cheese, coffee, milk etc.

In the Valley

Strengthened by this late breakfast, we started our way upwards… It was rather exhausting, and the trails were rather narrow, and it was steeper than we expected. But still we managed to get to the top. The descent was less exhausting, and then we had a picnic close to the “Simmenfälle”, beautiful waterfalls…


During our picnic with sandwiches and some delicious wine, I started the geocaching-App on my iPhone… And I was lucky! Only about 80 meters from the bench we sat on a traditional geocache (Name: GC14YKM “7 Brunnen” ) was hidden. I told the others about it, and D.’s mother spontaneously decided to join my hunt. We had to cross the water and the GPS signal wasn’t too good, so we had to run up and down a lot until we found the right spot. 🙂 Luckily there was a pen in the cache, because I realized that I forgot my pens at home. But with some luck and the help of D.’s mother I managed to log my 415th “Found it”. 🙂 Before returning to the rest of the family, i made this little video to show you how beautiful this spot really is. Unfortunately I was filming against the sun, which my iPhones camera didn’t like too much. Hope you still like the video.


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