Morocco-Trip 2014 – Day 4

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We got up early at the Hotel where we stayed for the night. As the dinner wasn’t really good, my cousin, his wife, and the befriended couple had a hard night with a lot of stomach-ache and feeling miserable. Although we all had the same for dinner (they only had 2 dishes on their menu, kefta an cheese omelettes), I haven’t had such problems… So I was playing with some stray dogs on the parking lot of the hotel and fed them some meat, as they were only skin and bones… It took me quite a while to gain their trust, but in the end, they couldn’t get enough cuddles… 😀 Seeing all those homeless and malnourished animals in the streets was one thing that I will never get used to… I’m really an animal-lover, no matter whether cats, dogs, foxes, birds…. just any animal is dear to me.

After having fed the dogs, we boarded our cars and drove away from the hotel, in the direction of Ouarzazate. We stopped after half an hour of driving in order to have breakfast at Üse’s and Silä’s Camper somewhere in free nature. It was the perfect harmony… A goat herder passed along with about 50 goats, a lot of very young goats included… It was really cute to see them. 🙂

We drove off, and I really enjoyed the sights passing by my window… just before we entered the city of Ouarzazate, we were stopped by the Royal Police… He asked my cousin, why the girl on the backseat isn’t wearing her safety belt… As my cousin is not really a master of the French language, I opened my window and told & showed the guy, that I was wearing my safety belt. He claimed that I just put it on when he stopped me… Well… I guess he didn’t expect me to speak up to him… But I find it so annoying when people want to tell me that I was a liar… I love the French language, and I was always good at speaking it as well… So we had quite an argument.. Then he asked me whether we were French… I denied… He wanted to know where we were from, then… I told them that we were coming from Switzerland, the German part of Switzerland, to be more precisely, and all of the sudden he let us go… I don’t really know what he wanted from us, and I also don’t really understand why he called me a liar, but well… I was quite happy to leave that unfriendly officer behind on the street… -.-

When we arrived in Ouarzazate, we went to a hotel that my cousin already knew from his last Morocco-Trip. The Hotel is called “Auberge Le Carrefour”. It’s owned by a Moroccan couple. The wife’s name is Fatima, and she’s just the most humble, caring and lovely young Lady I’ve met during the whole Morocco-Trip. She was really happy to see my cousin again, and she seemed very pleased to meet his wife and me, too. She’s also a fabulous cook – you can really feel how much love she puts into every dish she’s serving her guests. I had the best couscous of my entire life… 🙂

But, before we were having dinner, we wanted to do some sightseeing. So we went to “Ksa Ait Benhaddou”, a beautiful fortress, which was also featured as setting of various films, e.g. The Mummy (1999) and Gladiator (2000). Although there were a lot of tourists inside this fortress, I really enjoyed strolling through a city so different to everything I’ve ever seen in my entire life. 🙂 But again, I want to let the images do the talking for me. 🙂












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